Almost, a year since June 19 of 2022, A Reminder to all the People to please help me go back to my home where I lived before immigration to Canada in 1993. This will stop the need and expense and efforts of finding me, evicting me and putting me through the public shelters repeatedly, because I am not used to live in Public shelters, I do not want to learn Public shelters living. I did not live in Public shelters before coming to Canada. It will be cheaper for the various agencies in Canada to issue a plane ticket for me to go back home. It is my right to go back home to live a life as I lived before coming to Canada in 1993, I was not born in Canada and I am a Canadian Citizen by immigration, I was not involved in any public office or Govt. Employment, I am an Engineer by profession, education and experience, moreover since 2006 most of the time I have been on OW social assistance program. A reminder that my mother language was URDU (a secondary language) and my first language as per usage is English, most of the time. I did not learn any other languages such as Arabic (just a little exposure), Persian, pashtoon or any other similar language other than the computer languages. Posted May 15 of 2023 around 11h40 Updated May 30 of 2023


When required I will build my own nuclear shelters for protection from radiations etc. or shelters from floods and other natural emergencies. But for housing emergencies I do not want public shelters, housing emergency should be addressed by alternate housing instead of Public shelters.

It has been almost a year since June 19 of 2022 when my residence of over five years in Hamilton was illegally occupied, after that I was put through shelters I stead of providing me alternate housing, from shelters in Hamilton to Brampton to Ottawa, but no alternate housing was provided to me. I have a right to know my information under freedom of information act to find the legal reasoning behind this one year of shelters treatment. I never lived in Shelters before immigration to Canada in 1993. I am a victim of a illegal occupation, so I should have been compensated for it instead of putting through the public shelters for one year since June 19th Hamilton incident.

A social worker of the centre town Health Centre who met with me early April 2023 and asked me to sign some consent forms, to start work, to obtain some information help with cstsavings unused RESP withdrawal, putting me back into rental housing etc. seems to have moved on and gone somewhere or in other words has vanished without doing anything positive other than just getting me to complete various forms, sign forms, email, fax etc but no outcome of it. Time I spent on educating my situation was wasted and now there was another social worker who talks to me about my situation with a non cooperative behaviour and as a disciplinarian but not as a Social worker, but originally assigned social worker was not available as was expected. Brook L Davies was on vacation since May 05 to May 15, but I was told she was not available for another week from May 17 of 2023.

Negative impact of shelters on health. I learned since my childhood which was in a different land that when there was a need to cough cover your mouth (with elbow or hanky etc), go away from other not to cough on others face directly. In shelters it is a very common thing that because of high population at certain times of the day such as for meals, people come close, cough around the other face with full outburst of air out of their lungs and walkaway. This was very unhygienic and like bio hazardous attack on people at a small scale. This was how my soar throat and stuffy nose and watery eyes issue started in this shelter in April 2023. (I have cured from it by using over the counter medication, inhaler etc.).

Interference at the dinner time in the line up to change the plate. Twice it happened that people behind me try to change the plate at the last moment in the line.

Morning meal line up. Every day when I come downstairs to the lobby around 07h00 I see a large number of people sitting in chairs in a large rectangular shape around the door to the enter the dinning area, they start occupying the chairs even before 07h00 am perhaps 25-30 chairs. I am documenting at 07h55 morning meal starts at 07h30 and never ending line is still going on, people were waiting in the line to enter the dinning room, I am sitting a chair waiting for my turn to enter the dinning area. People who have a bed at the shelter should not have to wait to enter the dinning area, when they arrive at the door should be allowed to enter immediately.

Change of housing worker at the shelter, now it is “Elizabeth” instead of previous housing worker “Jessi”, on May 19 of 2023. This new housing worker started telling me about age seniority benefits etc. in 2023. My response was that I was of age 65 years in the year 2021. What was being told to me now in 2023 should have been worked out and planned a year before I was 65 i.e. when I was 64 in 2020, instead of putting me in shelters etc. I am not sure what to believe now. I reiterated and reminded that it would be much cheaper to provide me a plane ticket , a flight to go back home to my country of previous residency before coming to Canada in 1993. She wanted to teach me how to navigate Govt. systems etc., I declined , not my interest in it, because I am an engineer and would be happy to learn from a technical person.

Walmart (Billings bridge) associate walked up to me and showed me a plan of Walmart card some savings etc. and asked me to show my ID, he was going around with a tablet or a handheld PC (data device with wireless communication) to capture the image of the IDs, I replied you show me your ID first before I show you my ID, he got nervous and started pulling his tags etc from his pockets instead of showing me his IDs. These people going around on Walmart floor can not be trusted, not sure if they were approved by the clearly Ng agencies to take images of people’s IDs, they can be transmitting the image of IDs to anywhere in the world and use it for some crime ine real time or sh w the person elsewhere on the planet. These people should be monitored and regulated and should not be allowed to take images of people IDs, just a visual check of the ID should be sufficient.

There was no line up for the morning meal on May 20 of 2023. I came downstairs around 06h45 went outdoors for a walk and cane back to the shelter by 07h45, no lineups , went to the dinning area without waiting, wake up announcement was heard after I finished breakfast around 08h00, I finished breakfast before 08h00.

Morning meal on May 21 of 2023: Line came to an end around 07h45, so I got in the line as the last person (presumably), few minutes later more people came behind me, I got in the dinning room as bed 255, a person came behind me bed 265. By the time I got to the final window where meal plate is picked up, there was no plate for me, female server seemed a bit confused, asked me few questions, she put few items on my plate but as she was filling the plate she was getting signals and verbal messages from the person behind me, so I asked the person behind me if the plate was for him. Another person in the line said something to me perhaps to take my plate and move on. But this was strange for me, simply put, on my plate I should be the one telling the server what items to fill on my plate not others. That might be acceptable for under age children but not for adults or age seniors. Even to children we give opportunity to decide themselves what they want to eat. Adults don’t impose on children what children should eat. Something to think about.

While I was in my sleep at night on May 21/22 around mid night perhaps, I heard some argument among people about bed 258, bed 358, second floor, 3rd floor etc. Bed check staff came after with flash lights shining on the floor / beds etc.

Meeting with my Social Worker Brook L. Davies at 10h00 at 370 Catherine after a long gap of almost one month, regarding withdrawal from RESPs.

Community Legal Clinic at 1355 Bank St. in Ottawa. Lawyer refused to provide a written response to my written request (which was in my own handwriting) under freedom of information act. submitted on May 19 of 2023. This is strange and human rights issue that system (social and legal) here is unable to provide an answer that why it was done to me a years ago which still goes on. I want to go back to the the country of my previous residence where I lived before coming to Canada in 1993. I have a right to go back my to previous home.

Applied to Ottawa Rooms for a rental unit, located at 469 Gladstone on May 26 of 2023. Informed OW case worker about it. Sharon called Hamilton and Brampton. She asked me if I owed them any rent. I said my rent was paid direct to the landlord. But because of absence of monthly hand to hand transaction they say did not pay rent. When rent was paid direct monthly hand to hand transaction was not seen. Simply wrong interpretation. Rent receipts must have been issued by the land lord/rent receivers as monthly hand to hand transaction. But it was documented by OW because rent was deducted from my monthly assistance cheque. (incomplete cheque and deduction due to rent pay direct are different situations, although both situations have same impact on the over total of the monthly cheque).

May 26 of 2023: When I got back to the dorms upstairs, some one was sleeping in my bed #255 around 22h30, reported to the office down stairs, I was told to wait in the lobby area, it took about 15 minutes to clear my bed, I came out doors for a walk around the block before going back up to my bed #255 in the shelter around 23h00.

Came out of the waiting area of walk in clinic at South keys after waiting for my turn for about two hours since 11h45 on May 27 of 2023.

May 28 and 29 of 2023: used only morning meal at the shelter, lunch and supper on my own, did not wait in the line up for dinner after bed check-in at the window near water fountain around 16h15.

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Second meeting with newly assigned Housing worker Elizabeth Abit on May 30 of 2023 between 09h00 am and 09h30 am at 29 Waller St, Client services offices, she asked me to assign a consent form (which remains valid for one year instead of six months. She wanted to keep a copy of my IDs which declined, because shelter has already checked my IDs at the time of intake on April 03 of 2023. Computer she used was showing incorrect date of birth under my name, I showed her my Health card which shows my correct date of birth. She wanted to do another another application for Social housing which was already done by Jessi before May 19th. Elizabeth asked me for 2022 Tax return, I told her I will file my tax when I owe taxes, at present I do not owe any taxes. She asked me to submit bank statements for the past three months at the next meeting on Thursday June 01 of 2023 (March, April and May).

{Khalid Mahmood}


Ottawa Ontario Canada.

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