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TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN/INTEREST by KHALID MAHMOOD (KM) خالد محمود AS OF JULY 22 I AM RESIDENT IN BRAMPTON ONTARIO AT 15 WILKINSON RD., L6T4X1 due to illegal occupation of my residence of over five years in Hamilton Ontario Canada. ———————————- {[I am the Eldest Son of Business owner (passed away in 1981) of ARCO Tailors and ZAM ZAM Tailors – (plus other side businesses) located around CHOWRANGI area in NAZIMABAD of KARACHI PAKISTAN]} ———————————- CITIZEN OF CANADA  PRESENTLY LOCATED IN  BRAMPTON ONTARIO CANADA L6T4X1 Since July 22 of 2022. (I was forced out of my residence of over five years at Fennell Ave East in Hamilton ON L8V1V3 unlawfully without legal N4 on the morning of June 19 of 2022. it is now over 100 days and nights in shelters since this incident of 06/19/2022. ANYONE LIVING AT OR USING THE ABOVE SPACE AND ADDRESS WILL BE ILLEGAL AND UNAUTHORIZED OCCUPIER گھس پیٹۓ OF MY RESIDENCE OF OVER FIVE YEARS.), THIS WAS An ABUSE AND A CRIME AGAINST A AGE SENIOR.
I AM BLESSED THAT I AM HIGHLY QUALIFIED MY EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE IS HIGHLY VALUABLE, SO I CAN NOT BE MADE DESTITUTE. Also since it was not my mission to live under the disguise of a destitute, no one can succeed in making me destitute. THIS MUST BE A disappointment FOR MY ENEMIES. When we landed in Canada in December 1993 I was reasonably wealthy to afford own rental apartment and not seek a shelter or govt. assistance. 30 years in North America has depleted me of all of my financial resources and possessions but could not deplete me of my education, experience and discipline. Credit goes to my parents and their wisdom to raise me like the way I am today.

After the incident of June 19 in Hamilton, I have re-sheltered myself at 15 Wilkinson Rd Ontario L6T 4X1 in Brampton as of July 22 of 2022. People go to a shelter due to housing emergency and to tell them to leave without giving a house is meaningless. so what is the purpose or agenda of these shelters. I wonder why I was housed in such a shelter since July 22 where they use the word discharge to tell the people in the shelter to leave. Housing Emergency was created without legal reason (on June 19 of 2022) in Hamilton in my life by political style smear campaigns (over a long period of time) like overpayment was created in Ottawa (in 2007) falsely without issuing extra money to me just by an accounting trick.

For nearly 32 weeks since December 2021 no money was received from Social services (OW or ODSP). OW file was reactivated in Brampton and got incomplete cheques in August, September , October without rent amount and rent amount was received as a separate payment in November of 2022.

Visited the OW social services office in Brampton on August 08 to follow up. I Received a monthly cheque deposit from OW social assistance after nearly 32 weeks on August 09 of 2022 also submitted consent forms and other paper work after completing and an SOI to Peel Region on August 11 of 2022. OW IVR not yet fully setup and not giving me access to my own information. who blocked it. and why ?? OW IVR is playing a message that I have no access to my personal information dates August 23 of 2022 around 11h42. Received a phone call and email from OW for another appointment on September 06 of 2022.
Received a call from new case worker of OW on 09/01/2022 and told me that it is a legal requirement to apply for CPP and OAS for OW in 2022. Now
working on a long list of requirements emailed to me by this case worker. I have not received any assets since before and after the file closure of the file in 2021. my financials have not changed so why require so many verifications from Banks, Unusual behaviour.
I was forced out of my residence of over five years in Hamilton, illegally by the illegal occupiers and now system is unable to provide me a place to live in Brampton other than Wilkinson Shelter and case worker of Shelter told me to leave from the shelter. Where do they expect me to go from the shelter with out giving me a place, my previous place outside Canada is far and I need a plane ticket to go back to my previous residency in Saudi Arabia. Somebody should help me with this matter on humanitarian basis.

I was forced by the OW case worker to apply for Old age and CPP to be eligible for OW for the month of October, unwillingly I agreed to apply due to seriousness of it. (But I am not retiring because I want to go back to my previous contract work in Saudi Arabia).

Contacted the local community legal clinic as well about OW matter related to rental amount on 09/16 and 09/19.

Please call me direct.
I am not associated with the Shelter staff, I am not shelter worker, I was not attending a shelter program I was sheltered at 94 York Blvd. shelter due to a housing emergency in Hamilton, because of the personal emergency and because I was unlawfully forced out of my residence of over Five years at 2-671 Fennell Ave. East in Hamilton ON L8V1V3 without a court endorsed N4 document. Since July 22 of 2022 I was sheltered at 15 Wilkinson Rd, Brampton Ontario L6T4X1. IF ANYONE FEELS IMPACTED BY MY DOCUMENTED PERSONAL LIFE EXPERIENCES WOULD BE BECAUSE OF THEIR OWN GUILT OF WRONG DOINGS, I AM NOT WRITING AGAINST ANY SPECIFIC PERSON, except documenting about my own situation and experiences, where as OTHERS have been STRATEGIZING AND TARGETING AGAINST A SPECIFIC PERSON (i.e. myself, the {KHALID MAHMOOD}). NEW MAKERS CAN NOT SUCCEED BY ISOLATING ME FROM MY CHILDREN, FRIENDS, PROFESSIONAL COLLEAGUES AND REST OF THE WORLD.

In shelter for so long since June 20 (one month shelter in Hamilton) more than three month in shelter in Brampton is causing fatigue and sleep deprivation. Several times I feel like taking a nap during the day time but because of the folding cots in overflow not accessible during day time 7am to 10pm is causing fatigue and sleep deprivation which can result in other heath related issues. Authorities and health Canada should look at this situation seriously and house me out of shelter in relaxed atmosphere where I have the flexibility to relax and lay down to stretch and rest my body when I need it. It is more important because of age nearing 66 years next month in December 2022. Not only cots were not available during day time also the dorm rooms were closed during day time 9am to 6 pm.

Housing stability phone meeting was completed on October 04 in Brampton at the Peel Region building with my case worker Stephanie Suffolk. Mentioning of discharge by the shelter staff without providing a accommodation is contrary to the purpose of the housing stability meeting. Something to think about.

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