Misc thoughts dated August 31 of 2022. Issuing and giving are not the same thing, similarly issuing authority and custodians, ficiduaries (or intermediary temporary keepers such as office secretaries, clerks, other staff etc.) are not the same role.


Issuing authorities issue (what they are authorized to) based on the successful completion of a process, where as custodians, ficiduaries are kind of guards on certain assets, properties etc and responsible to handover them to the rightful owner as soon as possible without swindling the owner.

In legal terms word issue refers to giving something (to unrelated people) after completion of a legal process such as by the govt. officials, where as word giving refers to a personal relationship such as among families and friends. Family members do not issue (in legal terms) to each other rather they give (or exchange) to each other.

It is a serious matter (and a crime) to procrastinate (with negative intentions) by the custodians, not to handover the assets and properties to the original owner in a timely manner and to wait for the owner to die or vanish in thin air.

Something to think about.

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Khalid Mahmood



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