My views on VR Technology concepts….



I received an email in my inbox from computer society of IEEE due to my previous membership (which I did not renew due to its lack of usefulness and lack of money.

My views on the virtual concepts are as given in my response to the email.

Virtual reality may be useful in some aspects of industry perhaps for training purposes such as in simulators etc. But for real humans real offices are needed for real work. Virtual offices may be suitable for virtual beings such as spirits and gins (no pun intended) or also for dreamers before they become realistic.

Virtual office is just an illusion. Reminds me of a story in which a crook dress maker made a dress for an emperor with invisible cloth.

Or homeless population may be considered living in virtual Bungalows/Villas. All they need to to do is just put the VR glasses (with bungalow/villa show) on and never take them off.



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