ON MY MIND: misuse and abuse of authorities in a tenancy matter

MY RENT receiver LAMIS AHMED at 8496 Forestview Blvd. Niagara Falls ON L2H 0B3 summons police around 01h00 AM on MAY 24 to tell me to leave immediately with out packing and without refunding money (5 weeks rent) and Police officers did not tell her to file the matter with tenant board rather facilitated in her verbal commands. However when I wanted to file an information report with the police department few days after the incident which took place in a questionable way, I was advised by an officer to take it up with tenant board. so, why same advice was not given to her in the beginning. Why such an odd time was chosen 01h00 AM in the middle of the night for a tenancy matter (not known to me). what was the urgency. I find all this very troubling. In my mind Department of Police should play a neutral role in such matters (totally different matter if they have a specific court order to enforce).


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