About (hi2biz) m0168.org

hi2biz is my web name. (only on yahoo as hi2biz@yahoo.com and WordPress.com), my birth and legal name is “KHALID MAHMOOD” and I prefer to be addressed by my full name for all purposes, written abd verbal.

I have other web names as well such as M0168, kxmahmood, kmahmood which can be identified as associated with my verified emails IDs.

I am publishing my life experiences and other information about myself (for documenting purpose as if in a (digital)diary) since 2008, I have prsesence on other open media/social media as well such as Facebook, linkedIn. Twitter.

my url — >>> http://www.m0168.org

And now (as of April 01 of 2021) I am on a Business plan with wordpress. I am expecting professional grade support from WordPress technical teams. This is serious business.

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