2- ATTENTION EMERGENCY FLIGHT OPERATORS FROM OTHER COUNTRIES TO CANADA. COORDINATE WITH ME IN OTTAWA CANADA AS A PERSON IN EMERGENCY (HOSTILE ENVIRONMENTS)  ON YOUR RETURN FLIGHT OUT OF CANADA. I AM IN HOSTILE SETUP/ENVIRONMENT. DETAILS DOCUMENTED ON my WEBSITE www.m0168.org. Also TO THE ATTENTION OF HUMAN RIGHTS AGENCIES and LAWYERS PLEASE HELP ME. (the incident of June 19 of 2022 in Hamilton was a crime against me, who is a age senior, was repeated second time in Brampton, was repeated third time also in Brampton on (Family Day 2023) February 17 of 2023 by an unknown person, link to the picture of landlord’s handwritten eviction note documented on my websites). (I am out of my savings money which I used to pay for the hotel, please help me save from financial disaster which might result in other complications). Provide me financial strength and resources. Partial OW deposit was received on 03/31/2023. Since April 03 of 2023, I can be spotted in Ottawa/Kanata and surrounding areas because now I am physically in Ottawa at a shelter at 35 Waller St. Ottawa ON K1N7G4


I am in a hostile place. I have been forced out of my residence several time without court endorsed N4 document. I was kept unemployed for very long time. My social assistance OW was terminated at age 65 in December of 2021, which was reinstated in August 2022 in Brampton. Please take me to a safe place. Staying at shelters was not a safe environment for me. Staying at shelters may be adventurous, socialising or discipling and may have value for youth but not for me at age almost 66. Please help me on priority basis and put me on a emergency evacuation flight immediately. People around have preset ideas and are not able to look at my situation and needs. Since December 01 of 2022 I was a tenant at 10 Conover Court in Brampton ON L6Y3J5 which was disrupted on Family Day 2023 weekend by posting a handwritten note and change of street level entrance lock.

I was without a place to sleep or rest since February 17 of 2023. I do not want to use public shelters again. When I have my own rented place I prepare my own meals indoors and consume my food indoors or in the parks picnic benches along the beaches etc. In winter such spaces are not useable. There is no well published information where to consume food in such situations/emergencies where there was no rental living place of my own. Social Services must make arrangement with the mall food courts, libraries, cafeterias and other Community Centres etc. to allow people to use their spaces with personal food when they show a permit or card etc. or need of it for legitimate reason. This treatment is very humiliating for any human being that there was no proper space to consume meals around a table or in a private space. Even before mankind started building houses they used private spaces in certain occasions and eating meals of the day was one of such occasion which were made of trees or rocks or bamboo or log cabins or simple huts or tents etc. Modern society should do better than evicting people for political or ambitious reasons without a just cause and without providing a alternate system to carry on with the living.

Something to think about.

My reason behind choosing Canada in 1993 to live was not this kind of life style. It was professional life style that attracted us to Canada as a place to raise children for better future, but that sacrifice of mine has ruined my own career and family life. I want to roll back my life to a known and better past. I am doing reversal of my immigration of 1993 and Canadian Citizenship.


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Ontario DL#: M01684340561220


was a Tenant at 10 Conover Court, Brampton ON L6Y3J5 since December 01 of 2022 which was disrupted on Family Day 2023 weekend by posting a  handwritten note on my door and change of lock of the street level entrance door.

Ottawa at Mission Shelter since April 03 of 2023.

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