Check out this post… “information requested under the “Freedom of information Act” on May 19 of 2023 almost a year since June 19 of 2022 (the incident of illegal occupation of my residence of over five years in Hamilton Ontario Canada).” Updated on May 25 of 2023


In addition to above request under the freedom of information act, I need to know my information under the same act for the period of 2005 to 2023, as well as a written report, it is my right to knock w why this was done to me for so many years.

Authorities should be neutral and unbiased and should investigate the crimes not the victims. Victims should be protected and compensated to proceed with their lives in fearless manners and environments.

Community Legal Clinic at 1355 Bank St. in Ottawa. Lawyer refused to provide a written response to my written request (which was in my own handwriting) under freedom of information act. submitted on May 19 of 2023. This is strange and human rights issue that system (social and legal) here is unable to provide an answer that why it was done to me a years ago which still goes on. I want to go back to the the country of my previous residence where I lived before coming to Canada in 1993. I have a right to go back to my previous home.

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