Hello people of the world. Although I am a Citizen in Canada but social system here is not up to the level to deal with housing emergencies. In the recent years I have been evicted twice from my rental place (as a tenant not as a owner) which destroyed my residence of over five years on June 19 of 2022 and second and third time in Brampton on Family Day weekend of 2023. It has been a year in Shelters on and off with out a place of my own, this is impacting (negatively) my health, contaminated air in the shelter, crowded lineup coughing on each other, congested over stuffed bunk bed rooms with 8 beds etc. is causing many issues, which I did not have a year ago. At my age of 66 plus years of age I feel like taking a nap in the afternoon but shelter closed the bunk beds from Breakfast to Dinner the whole day. There was no shortage of housing in Ontario it was shortage of money available to rent places. Minimum wages have nearly doubled during the past 10 years which has pushed rents prices higher but OW eligible amounts for rental units have not gone up. I have submitted a request for information under the act around middle of April 2023 as a consent to my social worker but there was no response received yet that why I was evicted so many times during the past one year. I was evicted wrongly fully from Hamilton and Brampton so I should be given a rental place of my own in Ottawa regardless of the cost, after that look at it with the information act report to determine legality of the evictions. I am a victim of this fraud, I should not be victimized any further just to give psychological boost to those who have no real substance to be proud of, to criminally responsible people for these evictions. I am willing and ready to discuss the issues on national TV and in public in front of large group of qualified people to discuss such issues. OR else provided me a plane ticket and a flight for me to go back home to my previous country of residency (DAMMAM/Saudi Arabia) before immigration of 1993. Published by {Khalid Mahmood} in Ottawa Ontario Canada.


Published by

{Khalid Mahmood}


Ottawa Ontario Canada.

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