Memories from the past (1996). McDonald’s Store located at 1795 St. Laurent Blvd, Ottawa, ON K1G 3V4 updated May 15 of 2023


In second half of 1996 when imrana (children’s mother) went to spend some time with her brother sisters in Pennsylvania USA (took Ahsan and Sana with her). I used to drive to Montreal in Pontiac GrandAM over the weekend on day trips and used to stop at this location of McDonalds to fill up my coffee mug for the road. It became my usual for few months untill she came to Ottawa from USA in 1996

Today on May 10 of 2023 I order some lunch by mobile app (order number 2187) at the same location of McDonald’s.

Those who went through my records in Jubail Saudi Arabia in 1998-2000 at the Golden Sands after stopping me for few days (before I got the exit visa from the ministry) from entering the legally assigned (application process) house to me (by the IBN Sina – NMC as part of my contract requirement) must have seen all the retail businesses where I used my CIBC credit cards, I used to have neatly organized credit cards statements stapled separately for each year and other statements. such cra, IRS, bank statements etc.

Since I was on Iqama residency I required a Exit visa every time from the ministry before leaving from the Saudi Arabia. Imrana (children’s mother) was on visitor’s visa (1998-2000) and did not require an Exit visa from the ministry.

Pontiac car was the one that I purchased in California in 1995 and later on was shipped to Saudi Arabia on a container ship. This was the car which I paid twice, once in USA and second time in Canada.

I arrived in Canada in 1993 as landed immigrant family without knowing what some people had planned for my future life of 30 years in Canada. When I arrived in Canada I had already completed my higher technical education at PII in Eindhoven Netherlands in 1981. My first stop after completing my education was Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Went back to Pakistan worked on some NEC projects in Pakistan. Around 1987 I got a contract in Saudi Arabia with my mother’s approval I moved to Saudi Arabia. My mother did not ask me do you have relatives there or who knows me there. In 1993 my mother passed away, I gut immigration to Canada (without my mother’s approval and left from Saudi Arabia to settle in Canada. My mother did not ask me if I had any friends and Family in Eindhoven in January 1981 when I went to a far off country (from Karachi) for the first time in my life, for her this was not a concern. She wanted me to grow up independent. At the same she did not isolate me or she did not stop me from any friends.

Thirty years ago (in 1993) I did not know that what some people were planning for my life, for which I was given immigration to Canada. This was not planned by the creator because creator would not need to bring me to Canada for this, so this was not creator’s planning. This was a planning of some body who play the role of creator on planet earth, Some people who play the role of creator, such people decide who was good who bad without explaining good and bad, some people who try to block people’s life, people’s luck etc. . This is a serious human rights issue to treat other humans like this to deprive them of all their rights (as I was told in a OW meeting in 2006/2007 about no rights), example, earning a living is a right for every one, but I was stopped from it to keep my OW file open since 2006. It was not know how many other human beings were subjected to this treatment, or how many other humans are still under such treatments. Don’t let them succeed. Once they succeed they will replicate these technics on others which is not with positive intentions. More details on my past 30 years since 1993 on my website and in my precautionary notes.

During the past 30 years my family was disintegrated and my mother was not around to keep the children and me together. I have NO legal relatives around me in Canada so I have decided to go back to my past and live the life of my past. Any one else who claims to be my relatives or related to me is just a leech and parasite. Beware of them and font believe the lies and deception.

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