Lawyers and Legal community in Ottawa, Canada and World wide :Immediate attention- I {Khalid Mahmood} need legal help in Ottawa. I AM A VICTIM OF SERIOUS FRAUDS AND CRIMES IN NORTH AMERICA, Intake worker in Ottawa did not transfer my file to Ottawa even after phone intake from Ottawa on April 06, rather she was asking me in a in-person meeting to sign paper work just by the name without any OW file number or without any Social insurance number on it. When I pointed it out to her she said this is your name on it but she did not want me to write my OW or S.I.N. number on it, paper work must be made specific to a person. If a person has no ID or file number than they should use their handwriting (one page) and thumb impression/ print to make paper work specific to a person, otherwise it is illegal because such paper work can be sold to anyone with out originators involvement in it. Lies and base less wrong information about my status and IDs is being spread around. I am a victim of fraud and crime so (authorities) please do not victimise me further, rather make it easy for me to go back home. Transport me back to the country (Country of residence) where I came from in 1993 as Landed family. Posted April 06 of 2023 around 10h38 in Ottawa at Bank Street. Updated on May 12, 13, 14 15, 16, of 2023


Community legal clinic in downtown booked an appointment for me on Wednesday April 26 of 2023. I need a lawyer to look at this issue earlier than that I would appreciate if another law office could talk to me earlier, other than the community legal clinic. These community legal clinics are funded by the Govt. money so perhaps their focus would be (or may be) to make the outcome of the complaint favourable to the Govt. instead of the client or complainant or victim of a Govt. agency’s wrong doing.

I will never accept any paperwork just by the name without proper ID numbers printed on the papers because any paper work without any ID numbers will be fraudulent obtained by showing some one else by a name and passing the paper work onto some one else by the same name. A serious law enforcement fraud if no ID numbers mentioned on the paper work. In some countries they use person’s picture on the paper work to make sure it gets to the right person without ambiguity, and to identify the person positively. It all depends on the honesty of the system and and people who enforce the system without corruption.

After the phone interview with OW intake worker in Ottawa for file transfer I received an email, I quickly rushed to the 370 Catherine’s St. location of OW, submitted the two bank statements by email for the past 30 days, while I was sitting in the waiting area upstairs. After completing it I called the intake worker on the internal phone. Intake worker came out to the counter, asked me to go in one of the meeting rooms and asked me to close the door. She asked me to sign paper work which had no linkage to me either by the file number or the Social Insurance Number , so I decided to write the numbers in my own handwriting, but the intake worker objected to it and stopped me from writing my file numbers on it. Although I showed my two pieces of IDs, but it was reported as no IDs. I find this very unprofessional behaviour of the OW intake worker. I would rather deal with some one from the past i.e. from before 2011 case workers/managers/supervisors.

Also contacted MP and MPP of Ottawa South (before and after East weekend 2023) about this matter of OW social assistance, file transfer, Monet etc. and also the community legal clinic of Ottawa South, where a meeting a with a lawyer was book on Thursday April 13 of 2023, I requested a legal clinic to let me call on their phone in the office, because my mobile phone may not be reliable (is not reliable) for important conversation.

According to lawyer Charles Ng there was nothing to fix in the file, my rent money was not issued because I am in a shelter. He was not able to answer why I was in the shelter. He was not able to explain how to rent a place when I have no rent money in my possession. He was kind of suggesting to move in and pay later, how was that possible somebody or the lawyer Charles Ng should explain to me. Or provide me a ticket back home immediately, because shelter is causing fatigue and sleep deprivation, impacting my health. I did not live in shelters before immigration to Canada, so should I live in shelter in Canada, NO, I should be provided a family home. Lawyer Charles Ng has to submit his recommendations and actions for me in the form of a official written document.

Before starting the meeting on the phone Lawyer Charles Ng did not establish clearly who he was talking to, or whose file he was referring to, because did not ask for any Social Insurance number, neither OW file numbers. So, Is there only one OW file, are there no other people on OW social assistance besides me. If identifying properly was not necessary. Because if there were many people on OW social assistance than it will be logical to determine and link the person and the file to make correct reccommendations.

This is what victimizing the victims means, as follows:

When a victim complains about a fraud or a crimes, they should look at it from crimes point of view to make it better for the victim. Instead, they (group of people responsible for resolving such complaints, heavily funded from somewhere) have a tendency to start looking into why the aggressor committed a crime on the person or what the victim did for that to happen, because of the vulnerable situation of the victim, even though if it was clear that aggressors committed a crime, no one cares about the aggressor’s crime. In other words they just try to find a reason to justify the crime of a criminal and not do anything to stop or punish the criminals and aggressors because of their social position, connections with the higher ups or police etc. This is what victimizing the victims means.

People who evicted me without a legal reason probably were connected with higher ups, police or law enforcement, and no one is talking about the evictions issue. So legal system and authorities are not neutral and honest. One of the many interpretations of evictions I can make was, that it was to make OW social assistance to stop my rent money, because of which I am in shelter. To stop my rent money by this technique is a serious matter of Human rights, I was not to aware at the the time immigration about such living. Lawyer Ng was not able clearly explain how to get back to my rental status. This is causing health issues at the shelter because of my age, fatigue, sleep deprivation, soar throat, because of contaminated air. Large number of people coughing and breathing in a congested place. I need to be in a separate space until I find my travel arrangements to go back home to the country of previous residence. social worker is on vacation but my need to go back has not changed. During this time I need to be in a rental place of my own to avoid health complications.

It has been going on like this for a year since June 19 of 2022 in Hamilton, after that in Brampton, there was no housing provided to me. This reflects on the instability of the housing system to continuously keep on evicting me without discussing the matter with me. I am not even aware of the issues, that why I was evicted. I want citizens rights lawyer look into this matter. And let me go back to country of my previous origin. I have been waiting so long since 2005 when I was put through imprisonment. I have been on OW program on and off since 2006, a very long time to wait. By now two generations of children have grown up and become adults since all this started in 2005. There should be a human rights consideration o such long wait time. These waits are procrastinations with negative intentions.

I (the male Khalid Mahmood) is an Engineering by profession, I am not in health care, I am not a lawyer, I am not a social worker, I am not a politician. I am just an Engineering in Business with zero dollars Income at present and get OW social assistance to support myself.    handwritten note from Brampton which was used to evict me from my rental place 10 Conover Crt. Brampton Ontario L6Y3J5 on Family Day weekend 2023.

Lawyer was trying to justify that because I am in shelter that’s why my rent was stopped. Instead of investigating why I was in shelter, why I was not housed properly in Ottawa as a Citizen of this country, and at my professional level according to my immigration documents. If evictions were acceptable by the authorities why a plane ticket was not issued to enable me to go back to the country where I came from in 1993 legally, I did not change my status to legal after arriving illegally.

They just try to investigate the victim side or the complainant instead of the crime side of the complaint. Which makes it harder for the victims and discourages from reporting such crimes and no one wants to get involve with police. It is easy for them to investigate the victim or complainant, hurdle free, pressure free. Those who commit crime can be dangerous for them.

Shelter (in Ottawa) staff’s behavior disguised under the cover of Shelter Rules:

People who use a bed at the shelter are not allowed to used community time slot for meals at the mission shelter in Ottawa. I was denied when I asked the staff (the same woman who did not know how much time to eat after getting the food from the kitchen in the dinning area.) to eat early dinner with the community slot. On April 15 of 2023 around 15h10

(Half hour to get the meal and eat the meal when there are long line ups, is not sufficient time for the whole shelter resident population and additional people, may be sufficient time for small number of people. Research organizations should study this shelter how the meals are served and how much time they allow people to eat). This can cause serious health issues to eat dinner in such a short time every day, rarely eating in few minutes may not have impact but eating every for longer period of time can have serious health issues. On April 16 of 2023 line was very long usually line things or end 10-15 minutes before 17h00 that is when I get in the line to take my dinner. Today on 04/16/2023 line was longer and people were coming in until 16h55. I asked the staff again how much time do we get to eat after getting the meal from the kitchen the person said half hour, what does it mean, half hour is the time slot 04h30 to 5h00 for dinner, so if some goes in at the dinning area around 04h30 can eat at normal pace until 05h00 but if some one gets a chance to get the food around 04h55 due to the rush and being last in the line up, staff starts pressuring people by announcing the time constantly after 05h00 which is not acceptable behaviour of the staff. They should clearly specify how much time is allocated after getting the food. If Five O clock limit can not be changed (i.e. if was carved in the stone) than they should have a limit on last person going in the dinning hall as 15 minutes before the end of the clock to allow people to eat dinner comfortably, are they in a competition who can eat fast ?? are they training for fast eating. Shelter auditors should look into this issue immediately. In my opinion 30 minutes limit should be imposed at the door where enter into the dinning area, but 30 minutes limit should not be imposed on the people eating ing the dinning area. So if some one enters the dinning area at 05h00 can still get half hour inside the dinning area to eat at normal pace, so they should not yell inside for the clock, clock should be imposed at the entry point to let them in for full half hour and stop after that.

I noticed that there were two lines at the dinner time while I was waiting in the lobby of the shelter near staff windows and water fountain. One group of people presumably entered the dinning area through the back door of hospice entrance through Daly St. After they got their trays, doors in the lobby were opened to let the people into the dinning area about five minutes later. I need to find out if I can also enter through the Daly St. entrance for the dinner.

I asked the staff at the bed check-in that how do they do the bed check at night, by the first name or the last, he said depends, was not sure and did not explain. I said if they do the bed check by the first name than person by the last will be marked absent or missing and if they do the bed check by the last name than person by the first name will be marked as missing. He said we just a person in the bed to do the bed check, very vague answer, not sure what was the purpose of the bed check. Since I noticed them say first name in the dinning area and last name in the office for bed check-in assignment, I asked them do they consider two people in one bed, one person by the first name and the second person by the last name. He said no only one person per bed.

Bed check-in/assignment is done between 4 and 6 pm daily. I go through this check-in before or after dinner time which is 04h30 to 05h00. Once I checked-in after six pm which resulted in booking me out and I was assigned a spot in the chapel for the night. Next check-in was not at 4 to 6 rather it was at seven pm by putting my name on the list and a different bunk bed was assigned to me on the floor 2 (255 before it was 319).

The following happened to me fourth times at the shelter.

One white T shirt which did not belong to me was seen on my bunk bed among the linen and pillow case etc. I removed it and dropped it outside room in the corridor.

It happened on April 23 of 2023 and few days earlier that when I go upstairs to my bunk bed, some one else was seen sleeping in my bunk bed. On 04/23/2023, it was hard to see in dark rooms with lights off, so I used my phone flash light to see, that there was some one sleeping in my bed. I went back downstairs and asked the staff if there was any change in my bed assignment. The person at the window checked the system and told me no there was no change in bed assignment. He asked the details, he told me to wait around, after about 10 minutes he located me in the crowd down stairs in the lobby, handed me a set of blanket and bed sheets and told me to remove the previous blanket and bed sheets (so my bed was cleared for my use). I wonder how can other people use a bed which was assigned to some one else, not once but twice and a third time on May 04 of 2023, another person was seen sleeping around 22h00 22h30 in bunk bed 255. I came back to the shelter around 21h30 before going upstairs to my bunk bed I asked the staff if there was anyone using my bed 255, she checked the system and no. When I went upstairs to my bunk bed a man was seen coming out of my bunk bed 255, this was the fourth time. I reported to the staff, it was taken care of by removing the unwanted person but why it happened fourth times that I know of. Friday May 12 morning around 05h30 lockers noise woke me up, I saw a tall man sitting in my bunk bed 255 and working in Locker numbers 259 (while I was in my bunk bed 255). When he did not realize that I was sleeping in the bed 255, I asked him if this was his bed, he did not reply to my question, rather just by his fingers gesture he said “No” and after that he left. Very strange, I wonder if this was allowed by the shelter management.

Effective April 28 of 2023 bed check-in/assignment staff changed the lists to a short list which was by the first names instead of last names (which was the right thing to do, I asked them several times before why they were maintaining the lists by the last names because the bed check-in/assignment staff was looking at people by the revers name because the lists were by the last names). This list was much shorter just one page and did not have too many black cross out dashes in front of the bunk bed numbers. As was noticed on 04/28/2023 around 17h15. This was only for one day, next day after that on April 29 of 2023 Shelter bed assignment check-in Staff started using the old method of last name listings. However upon asking I learned that when they want to go upstairs they use listings by the first name. Not sure what that means.

System of Bed bunk numbers and Locker numbers at the 35 Waller St. Shelter in Ottawa. (appears to be deception based). Bunk bed numbers were seen painted on the bunk bed frames. My bunk bed number 255 was also seen painted on the bed frame at one end of the bunk bed. Lockers were placed in the room in a random pattern, i.e. the locker number 255 was not adjacent to bunk bed 255 rather locker number 259 was adjacent to bunk bed 255 painted in big bold letters bigger than the bunk bed numbers painted on the frames . Either this was done on purpose or unintentionally but it definitely misguided people when they look inside standing at the entrance of the room, it gives a wrong impression of bed number. Locker 255 is in between locker 259 and another locker next to it. This is a deception which is bound to lead to collecting wrong information. Just a few days ago when I was lying in my bunk bed with shoes on a man was seen standing and doing something on the upper bunk and said something to me, I asked him if he was in bunk bed 259, he said he was not. After that he asked me what bunk bed number I was in, I pointed him to the bunk bed frame which clearly showed 255 but not as prominently as the locker number 259 next to my bunk bed. Shelter staff should try to rearrange the lockers and bunk beds closers to each other instead of keeping them in misleading formation.

Social worker Michael Redfern gave me a note of Friday May 05 to pass on to housing worker at shelter but she was not available since Friday May 05, tried many times to contact her. I was told Monday she was not available on Monday either. This is very disturbing. No one is available to house me in a rented property instead of public shelter. I wonder if that is Govt. Policy in Canada to take people out of their rented places and put them in public shelters (Public Shelters are businesses and they take person per night from the govt.). If Govt. divert the 1/3 the money they pay to public shelters person, people can live a better life. I have been in this situation for almost a year since June 19 of 2023. Why. It will be cheaper for the Govt. to provide me a flight to go back home to the country of my previous residence in Saudi Arabia.

Stamps shop from where I used to buy US stamps to send to Ahsan, Sana and Bial’s schools to get their report cards and school progress was not at the same location of Sparks street, rather now it was in Glebe area.

Something to think about.

This is victimizing the victims.

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Ph:(613)413-9812// (289)990-6590

In Ottawa since April 03 of 2023 at 35 Waller St. Ottawa ON K1N7G4 Canada

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