I, the undersigned, {Khalid Mahmood} was at Centre town community Centre at Bant St./Cooper St. near downtown Ottawa on May 03 of 2023 waiting to see my social worker since around 09h50. I am fully visible and accessible at this location, can be easily spotted, ready in standby mode to leave from Canada to go back home to DAMMAM/Saudi Arabia as soon as a flight and travel arrangements were made available to me. Posted May 03 of 2023


I am heading out (around 11h10) of the Cooper St. Community Centre because my Social worker is not available now but will be available in the afternoon, I will come back later on. I am still around in the City of Ottawa, have not gone anywhere.

I am back at Cooper St location of community health center to discuss my matter and waiting for my Social worker in the waiting area around 12h45 on May 03 of 2023. After meeting with the social worker in her office and discussing the money matters, went to the housing help office at 309 Cooper St. 5th floor, got a listing of the houses, submitted the listings to the centre town for my social worker and also submitted to her by email, as a pdf file. Cane out of the centre town Health Centre around 14h00.

Published by {Khalid Mahmood}


Ottawa Ontario Canada.


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