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I was at community Legal Clinic at Nicholas St. in Downtown Ottawa for a meeting with a Lawyer regarding going back to country of my previous residency before coming to Canada in 1993 on immigration as landed family. From 13h45 to 14h30

Lawyer was not able to issue a travel document or a letter of permission to travel without a passport, despite my emergency situation. She was trying to explain to me the regular travel procedures as I used to travel before since 1981 or when we came to Canada as Landed in 1993. I know normal procedures, there was no reason for me to consult with a lawyer, the only reason for me to consult with a lawyer was due to my emergency situations and illegal evictions. Lawyer’s response was very discouraging, She did not even try to understand the issue.

Purpose of the travel letter or letter of permission was not to leave a five years valid passport in the systems for others and fraud makers to misuse and abuse. I am.keaving from Canada on one way trip permanently not to come back.

Service Canada or Govt. Of Canada should provide a alternate method of travel to home country of residence before immigration to go back permanently in One way trip. In my opinion there should be no need for a five years passport to avoid frauds.

Based on lawyer’s line of conversation, I interpreted the conversation in my own words by saying the statement “people can not go back home ??”, she nodded in agreement, meaning that people can not go home. This is a human rights issue to tell people that they can not go back home. I told her clearly that I was going back home, I used to live in Saudi Arabia before coming to Canada in 1993, Saudi Arabia was my country of residence, that is where I want to go back.

Originally I was given meeting with a different person (Sylvie), but the lawyer that met with (10 minutes after the scheduled time) was a different lawyer, different name. I asked her business card.

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