3- AS OF APRIL 03 I CAN BE SPOTTED IN OTTAWA ONTARIO CANADA: EMERGENCY MESSAGE: TO THE ATTENTION OF Air India, Emirates airlines, Etihad air lines, Japan Air Lines, Air Transat, Saudi Airlines, Pakistan Airlines and other air lines, please help me with a boarding pass electronically send to me by email. For next Emirates or any other flight to Dammam (DMM). Previously I LIVED IN HAMILTON ONTARIO for over five years. About 8 months in Brampton/Peel Region. I HAVE NO VEHICLE, I USE PUBLIC TRANSIT. PLEASE TELL ME AHEAD OF TIME TO GET TO THE FLIGHT. I AM STANDBY/READY TO LEAVE ANY TIME From Ottawa airport. please help me save from financial disaster which might result in other complications as well). Since April 03 of 2023 I am in Ottawa Shelter (mission). Repeated on April 29, 30 of 2023 and May 01, 02, 03 of 2023


Please follow the links below for more relavant information and details.


I am offering to leave my IDs with the airlines as collateral (as a guarantee for payment later) for not paying for the ticket upfront. I will settle my ticket later after I get my pay cheque. I authorize air lines to make booking for me, assign a seat, issue a boarding pass, can submit necessary documents digitally, such as boarding pass, e-ticket etc. by email to me at TechnicalArmy@m0168.org {Khalid Mahmood}

I will travel as a passenger in Emergency (out of money) going back home to Dammam in Saudi Arabia via Dubai or any other stopover in that region such as Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Delhi etc. on a one way ticket. Please help. I can travel as regular commercial passenger as well depends on the facilities made available to me.

Published by

Khalid Mahmood (Chief of Technical Army) – Ottawa Ontario Canada

Ontario DL#: M01684340561220

(289)990-6590 // 613-917-0818

was a Tenant at 10 Conover Court, Brampton ON L6Y3J5 since December 01 of 2022 which was disrupted on Family Day 2023 weekend by posting a handwritten note on my door and change of lock of the street level entrance door.

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