memories from the past. Posted on May 01 of 2023


I travelled by air through YOW to Houston in 1998 to visit some friends before joining the Vienna Systems as “Senior Software Engineer” in Kanata/Ottawa and came back via Dallas to Ottawa. In between used Greyhound bus to travel from Houston to Dallas. During this trip I got ill because of flue like virus and soar throat, visited a doctor in Houston, used my travel insurance in addition to OHIP card for visit to the doctor/clinic. I was required to pay out of pocket to the doctor and claim later from the travel insurance company after I got back to Ottawa. Travel insurance company was located somewhere in Vancouver etc. I purchased travel insurance though CAA because I was a member. I purchased the ticket for this trip from a travelling agency located in Billings Bridge Plaza, which is still there in the mall. Internet bookings for travel were not even heard of by that time.

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