My recent visit dated April 30 of 2023 to McDonald’s location 5179 at Bronson near my old area where I lived many years ago in 2006 at Arlington St. On April 30 of 2013 between 10h45 and 11h00 updated May 01 of 2023


This Location was renovated around 2006 and used to have a wall in the centre of the dinning hall facing the parking side entrance with the letterings “Community” on it. Some of my colleagues from the past many years ago from i-link project of Nortel used to come and sit with me at this location in 2006/2007 (names) such as a technical (not political) Singh (of Hindustani origin), and a Chahal (a marketing person of unknown origin) and others. Now it has been renovated differently again and the “community” letterings have been removed. It has been kind of modernized for the newer and more younger generation to attract and feel comfortable etc.

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