Meeting with OW Case Worker at 370 Catherine at 09 am (scheduled time) and Meeting with Housing worker at 14h00 at the Shelter in Ottawa. Before meeting with OW case worker I was waiting downstairs on level 1 from around 8:15 am to 9:00 am (floor where I attended a meeting with OW staff along with My Social worker (centre town) on Tuesday April 18 of 2023).


Attended a meeting with case worker at 370 Catherine St and singed and completed the paper work required, submitted SOI for the past period. Also informed the case worker regarding my IVR and web account setup for my file.

Same day on 04/20/2023 in the afternoon at 14h00 attended a meeting with the housing worker at Ottawa Mission Shelter. The housing worker wanted to know about my address etc. where I will be going to, she wanted to know about my passport etc. I showed her my IDs, I told her the reason why I do not want to obtain a passport for one way trip back home where I lived in past before immigration to Canada in 1993.

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