To the attention of Kings – Please board me on flights to DAMMAM via London of United Kingdom, more than one flight daily From YYZ (Toronto) airport. Requested by {Khalid Mahmood at Toronto Pearson Intl airport} on March 30 of 2023. British airways flights BA0092 at 18h35 PM 03/30 and BA0098 12h35 AM 03/31 departing from Terminal 3. Please transport me on one these two flights from Terminal 3 direct to London and then connecting flight to DAMMAM as a Emergency passenger who is unable to fulfil regular travel requirements documentation, I will take care of everything upon arrival at the destination. Perhaps there was some change in the routing/scheduling. These two flight were not connecting to DAMMAM upon arrival in London UK. Posted 03/30/2023 (my apology for the previous incorrect postings).

Since my mobile phone is out of service, announcements over public address system of the terminal buildings would be the best method to bring me to a phone or airline official for important information for coordination purpose, of required.

My alter number is (289)813-6577 which is based on wifi calling and required high quality internet otherwise it does not function properly. My previous mobile number since 2013 (289)990-6590 was out of service due to lack of money. I am in need of money to make a payment to the phone company to make it work.

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