Attention Pilot and staff-Air France Flight AF0351 at YYZ terminal 3 check-in is not working on the internet also on the kiosk. I Called the number for service but long hold. I would appreciate if some one could check me in and issue a boarding pass and drive me to the plane for boarding – March 30 of 2023 around 18h50 {Message by passenger “Khalid Mahmood”} I am here in Terminal 3 building, I am ready to board the flight, just need to get to the plane.

{Khalid Mahmood}


Please beware that I am a parent of three children in 20s and 30s, not other way round. Some times it is necessary to block and delay progress on children in younger age for their own benefit, such as discipling and life experiences. But not on the parents of Senior’s age. Something to think about and to update the training and practice manuals.

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