“I am not a husband” either as a member of a set of husband’s neither as a married spouse’s relationship. Also I am not in sex business as covered by my precautionary notes. Somebody suggested to me in the passing (on 03/27/2023 around 13h30) in whispering voice to Mary, please beware that I am unmarried since 2005 but I am not looking for a spouse at the airport, I am looking for a flight going back home permanently to DAMMAM/Jubail Saudi Arabia. I AM AGAINST MARRIAGES. I REPEAT I AM AGAINST MARRIAGES. So please do not make such suggestions to me also do not use my presence to give wives to others under the shadow of my name because I am not a member in any such businesses / operations /activities etc. Posted March 27 of 2023


Published by

{Khalid Mahmood}



In Region of Peel of Ontario Canada.

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