Observation around aisle 13 on Level 3 Emirates check-in counters. On March 26 of 2023 around 11h30

I saw a darker skin color husky big boy (with over grown curly hair sticking out in all directions like chia head) sitting in the same area where I was sitting and few other airport staff (3 women and one man Bengali accent conversation) were sitting chatting with each other. The dark skin boy looked like similar to the one seen at the Bob Callahan Senior Recreation Centre in Brampton. A woman came to the boy and said you can go home. Few minutes later a man came towards me, stopped few steps away from where I was sitting, mumbled something as if he was saying something to me and left quickly. I tried to track him by following him but he disappeared somewhere.

Documented by

{Khalid Mahmood}


at terminal 1 of Toronto airport, waiting for a flight to fly me home to Saudi Arabia after the eviction of Family Day 2023 Friday February 17 of 2023.


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