Eviction from rental residential place on Family Day 2023 weekend and (Air India Flight AI 188 dated March 25 of 2023 at 12h55 and Air India flight AI 188 dated March 26 of 2023) EMERGENCY MESSAGE: TO THE ATTENTION OF Air India, Emirates airlines, Japan Air Lines, Air China, Air Transat, Saudi Airlines, Pakistan Airlines and other air lines, please help me with a boarding pass, send digitally pass to me by email. For next AI 188 or EK 242 or any other flight to Dammam (DMM). Previously I LIVED IN HAMILTON ONTARIO for over five years. I HAVE NO VEHICLE, I USE PUBLIC TRANSIT. PLEASE TELL ME AHEAD OF TIME TO GET TO THE FLIGHT. I AM STANDBY/READY TO LEAVE ANY TIME. MY MOBILE PHONE 289-990-6590 is out of service at present. please help me save from financial disaster which might result in other complications as well). Repeated on March 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 of 2023 Updated March 25 and 26 of 2023


Please follow the links below for more relavant information and details.


I am offering to leave my IDs with the airlines as collateral (as a guarantee for payment later) for not paying for the ticket upfront. I will settle my ticket later after I get my pay cheque. I authorize air lines to make booking for me, assign a seat, issue a boarding pass, can submit necessary documents digitally, such as boarding pass, e-ticket etc. by email to me at TechnicalArmy@m0168.org {Khalid Mahmood}

I will travel as a passenger in Emergency (out of money) going back home to Dammam in Saudi Arabia via Dubai or any other stopover in that region such as Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Delhi etc. on a one way ticket. Please help.

I just now few minutesago spoke to the Air India AI 188 check in counter staff around 11h45 on 03/25/2023 but staff did not let me board the plane because check in was already closed, and asked me to show up early around xxxxx on March 26 of 2023. (Terminal 1 aisle 6). Air India staff please email me a boarding pass, allow me to board the plane on 03/26/2023, I will settle my cost of travel after arrival at the destination i.e. Dammam in Saudi Arabia.

Emirates flight EK 242 is boarding, I am waiting around the check in counters if they let me board the flight before departure.

Govt. Of Canada (or the King of England because Canada is a Common wealth Country) should provide me means to go back home of my residence before immigration to Canada in 1993. I have been evicted so many times from my rented places without just cause just to make some one happy. Now I am at Terminal 1 of Toronto Airport after the eviction note of Family Day 2023 (Friday). I have no place to sleep or rest since February 17 of 2023. This is being done to me after the age of 65 years which not acceptable treatment given to a age senior. What have I done so wrong what is the charge on me to put me through this, I have a right to know. I am highly qualified and experienced professional arrived as landed family in Canada in 1993, I did not change my status after arrival, (many professionals arrive as visitor and change status, a known fact), I arrived with legal status, so why this treatment was given to me. I demand the King of England because of common wealth association to repatriate me immediately back to my previous country of residence i.e. Saudi Arabia. Since Govt. of Canada has failed to provide me safe accommodation, it is King of England’s responsibility to look after my interest and well being and return me immediately to my home in Jubail Saudi Arabia. (I am demanding with due respect to the King.) singed dated March 25 of 2023 at 13h00 at Terminal 1 Departures Level 3 aisle 13 near check in Counters.

Link to my bio metrics:. http://m0168.blogspot.com/2023/03/my-bio-metrics-to-relates-my-posting-to.html. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iEmRuKcyl36SBddkUmas8tp242CCjncR/view?usp=drivesdk

How to get a passport after eviction without an address in the country. Is it allowed to use previous address (where eviction note was seen on the door). Someone please explain these matters to me.


Link to the threatening note is given below. After this eviction how to get a passport. I am opting out of Canadian Citizenship and want to go back home where I came from originally. Govt. of Canada and higher authorities should provide a solution to this matter urgently. Or they should issue a digital document by email sent to my phone for the airlines requirements. Revenue Canada uses email to send messages, similarly Passport Canada can use email to send emergency documents by emails. Something to think about.


Published by

Khalid Mahmood (Chief of Technical Army)

Ontario DL#: M01684340561220

(289)990-6590 (out of service temporarily).

was a Tenant at 10 Conover Court, Brampton ON L6Y3J5 since December 01 of 2022 which was disrupted on Family Day 2023 weekend by posting a handwritten note on my door and change of lock of the street level entrance door.

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