ATTENTION TO WHOM IT MAY APPLY that My freedommobile phone (289)990-6590 is partially out of service not fully functional since March 15 of 2023, incoming calls will be shown as missed calls, messages can not be retrieved, so please write emails. Do not leave a voice message. When calling my number, let it ring long enough for me to pick it up. Thanks for understanding and cooperation. A message from {Khalid Mahmood} , owner and holder of the mobile number. Or write an email. Missed calls is not because of out of town it is just because of non-payment of my pay before line setup. Updated March 20 of 2023


I am not out of town, I am in GTA/Peel Region of Ontario Canada, places connected by municipal or GO transit. My rental address was in municipality of Brampton but there were mississauga transit buses all around. Similarly Bramalea is an area in municipality of Brampton. Bramalea is not another town. Bramalea has two transportation hubs, one is near the railway line called BRAMALEA GO centre with a big parking building. The other transportation hubs is called BRAMALEA bus terminal which is located near the Bramalea City Centre Mall and Peel Region Govt. buildings. But Bramalea is not another town/city, is part of Brampton municipality.

Missed calls (or unanswered calls) is not a flag of or indication of person absent neither any other kind of indication on unanswered mobile phones/calls, people can take mobile phones with them when travelling away and receive and answer the calls if they wish to. However missed calls (or unanswered calls) was a indication in the past, of a person being away from home when Landlines were used and mobile phones were not invented.

On mobile phones missed call may indicate some other issues (but not necessarily person away from home). With the advancement of technology interpretations around unanswered or missed calls must also be adjusted to reflect the reality of the current times. Same interpration of the past can not be used.

Something to think about.

Published by the legal owner and holder of the mobile number. In Peel Region of Ontario Canada.

{Khalid Mahmood}


Situated in Region of Peel of Ontario Canada.

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