Why my ODSP file which was completed and approved over the phone (offices were closed at the time due to COVID pandemic and only over the phone applications were accepted) in Hamilton on May 10 of 2022 has vanished from the system. Must be reinstated immediately. OW program should switch to ODSP program, which ever is better for the recipients, it should be in favour of the recipient. (Malicious intents to block my money and to cause harm). Reported this ODSP matter to community legal Clinic in Brampton Ontario on March 15 of 2023. Posted on March 15 of 2023 Updated March 16 of 2023


Mississauga and Brampton locations of ODSP do not have access to it. Perhaps because originally the file belongs to the Hamilton office of ODSP other offices can not view it in other cities. I visited the Mississauga and Brampton locations of ODSP and called the Hamilton location to talk to them about my ODSP file. Also visited the Landlord tenant board around same after visiting the ODSP offices.

For those who missed the following sequence of events of my life.

My Ontario Works Social assistance file was terminated in December of 2021 due to my age of 65 years which disrupted my OW social assistance, so age became an invisible disability. Not all the disabilities are visible.

For several months OW did not start my social assistance, so there was no alternative for me except to apply for ODSP on May 10 of 2022 or go back home to country of my previous residence.

My application for ODSP was taken over the phone which was completed and approved in one session of about 40 minutes conversation and information exchange at my Hamilton address of five years at Fennell Ave. East.

Malicious intents. My OW File was terminated since December 2021 and I was evicted from my residence of over 5 years in Hamilton, which was within 40 days from my ODSP file approval on May 10 of 2022 in Hamilton.

On June 19th of 2022 my residence of over five years was taken over by illegal hostile entry. I tried to go back home to my previous country of residence in Saudi Arabia, made an effort of going to airport etc. Did not happen. However this illegal takeover of my residence (or eviction, evacuation) caused disruption in my life. My OW social assistance was discontinued for several months, and as result of this eviction my ODSP program processing was disrupted.

As a result of the above actions and based on others advice I sheltered myself at a Public Shelter located on York St. in Hamilton starting from June 20th and it was documented in the paper work of the shelter intake that my immediate need was to go back home to my previous country of residence Saudi Arabia where I lived before immigration to Canada in 1993. Shelter did not provide me a flight back hone after the intake was completed.

On July 22 of 2022 Shelters in Hamilton were full and meals were not available which prompted me to contact a provincial information service at 211, who referred me to a shelter in Mississauga.

So From July 22 of 2022 I was sheltered in a Brampton Shelter. My OW (was a incomplete cheque for few months) was started in August 2022 by the Peel Region Human services department. I pursued OW again and updated my whereabouts with ODSP Hamilton as well.

During my search for a residential rental place wehen I was at the shelter, I was contacted by some one for a rental place and started my residency at 10 Conover CRT in Brampton as a tenant.

This tenancy was disrupted on Family Day 2023 on February 17 of 2023 to displace, misplace and to disrupt my life/residence.

I contacted ODSP locations again but they were not able to located my file, so I contacted the original office where I applied for ODSP in Hamilton. Also submitted a verbal application to the Community Legal Clinic in Brampton for my ODSP on March 15 of 2023 around 16h15.

It has been nearly one year since my ODSP application was processed/approved but no money was issued to me yet by ODSP program. I wonder why. I am fully setup electronically with this province and my physical location is immaterial due to such frequent evictions/evacuations by others launched on me.

Misc. before June 19 of 2022

A tall boy (his height was about the height of the door frame. He used to stretch his body vertically such that top of his head used to touch the frame of the door and nearly block the door) worker of the building who entered my apartment unauthorized without my permission on June 19 of 2022 started frequently coming to the building (671 Fennell Ave. East) around April of 2022 and started engaging me, I used to keep my door #2 open to show my presence and to make it easy for others to talk to me with open doors policy. He argued about something with me on Easter weekend Friday, Sunday or Monday in 2022 few times. Door mat, door curtain, LED door lights was stolen etc. It was also noticed that he was using adjacent unit #3 for hiding purpose. He lived elsewhere somewhere in Stoney Creek and drove a GMC truck, to come to the building 671 frequently.

These incidents were documented elsewhere as well on my website.

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At present in Peel Region of Ontario Canada.

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