People of the world (Please assign a human rights lawyer to talk about these issues immediately), this is a human rights issue, not to let me go back home to the country of my previous residence where I lived before immigration to Canada in 1993. I need a solution to this. I want to go back home on a one way trip immediately, not to come back, I am doing a reversal of my immigration of 1993. No one is taking it seriously, no one is taking interest in my needs. I wrote a letter to area Member of Parliament as well. Please help me. There is no legal reason to prevent me from going back home. Delays in going back home after the age of 66 is depleting me of my working life as was done before in the past by keeping me on social assistance for so many years. Purpose of my immigration was not social assistance living. Rather, It was professional living. I was not born in Canada. I lived 37 years elsewhere without social assistance and without OHIP before coming to Canada as Landed family. Posted on March 14 of 2023 around 12h20


I was divorced in 2005 in USA by the other spouse. I did not abandoned my family, I was completely ignored by not giving me access to my rights after divorce. Rather I was imprisoned after divorce to prevent me from seeking my legal rights. I am non-criminal, I am highly qualified professional. Lawyers and legal system of Bucks County Pennsylvania in USA have all the necessary details about this matter. Well documented. I was deprived of my rights as a father and as a head of my family. This was a marriage of 1989 which took place else where (outside of North America) long before immigration to Canada, and ended in USA in 2005 in Bucks County Pennsylvania.

I want to go back home, I have been telling this to various case workers of Ontario Works in Niagara Region, Hamilton, and Brampton, was documented on my OW File as well by the previous case workers since 2013.

I need help from a organization who can repatriate me back to my previous country of residence. I came to Canada as a free person out of my own will and with sufficient funds to support myself and my family without using social system. I paid for my own and family travel expenses, housing expenses and everything in between. We came with lot of luggage and valuables, all gone, nothing in my possession. I filed my world income declaration as well with my first tax filing to Revenue Canada. Everything was well documented since the begining.

Delaying my repatriation going back home to my previous country of residence is also with malicious intents to implicate me in some legal problems which were non existing before. Lack of money, lack of housing, lack of employment/source of employment/absence of family around me can result in some form of legal complications which can be avoided by simply repatriating me to my previous country immediately. This is my early reading/interpretations of this delaying and not giving me a flight. This recent episode of evictions (or evacuations) has been going on since June 19 of 2022 which was started in Hamilton (almost nine months ago. It would have costed perhaps just one third to issue me a plane ticket in June of 2022 on the same night i.e. June 19 of 2022 instead of keeping me on social assistance and shekters for nine months). I should have been given a repatriation at that time in June 2022 instead of delaying so much. This is procrastination with negative intentions (or malicious intents). I am not asking anyone to change their system or behaviour, I am just requesting to send me back home where I came from many years ago i.e. 30 years ago.

Some people were making efforts and planning to cause harm to me by procrastinating and stopping money. I was attacked and robbed (OW case worker and NRPS police knows about it) in Niagara Falls in Feb 2017. A threatening text message was sent to my phone in Hamilton with a planned date of arrest which came out to be real and I was imprisoned in Hamilton for 24 hours on day after remembrance day in 2018. Two small dogs attacks in Hamilton and one dog attack in Ottawa were also included in this package. It is highly questionable to put me through all this without a family support or a neutral support system of my own in case of emergency, no financial resources available either. This must stop immediately, I must be given a flight to go back home of my previous country of residence, I must be provided safe and free of stress environments to deal with it. Purpose of my immigration was not to learn this. This was all being done to me with malicious intents. I need protection from it. I am not in Canada on any assignment or training etc. I arrived here as landed immigrant 30 years ago, now for the past ten years I have been communicating through my OW case workers and web sites that I want to go back home permanently and not maintain the Citizenship. By the end of this year I will be 67 years of age.

This has nothing to do with my past i.e. prior to immigration life because I have been a non-criminal person though out my life. Always busy with my education and work or errands for parents. If there were any issues from my past, would have been discussed at the time of immigration because I went through a very detailed process to obtain immigration before arriving in Canada. After arrival went through many clearances and back ground checks for employment and citizenship purposes, always non-criminal, since 2005 on OW social assistance (not by my choice but by circumstances) always attending audits, mandatory meetings, attending information sessions, employment shows etc. Always fulfilling requirements of OW, so I was put through a very thorough process all these years (30 years in North America and 15 years before), so I see no reason for not letting me go back home. I was not involved in any prohibited activity or groups.

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Present in Region of Peel of Ontario Canada.

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