Urgent message posted March 11 of 2023 updated March 12 of 2023


Reminder to people who have experienced similar behaviour and treatment as what I have documented on my website and other social media such, Facebook, google, LinkedIn etc., to support me and provide me financial strength to deal with such uncertainty and harmful malicious intents treatment. please do quick fundraising for me and hand it to me in person without any third party person or agency, not even through govt. agency. Deal with me directly. Pay me directly and avoid middle man of the cash flow system. Do not even think or consider that handing my money through other channels would expand your network, absolutely not, it would not expand your network or friends, because they are not honest people and money without financial systems scrutiny would easily corrupt them without fear of consequences. Such crooks will use their negative creativity to come up with a reason for not giving back my money. Therefore deal with me directly for all transactions related to my appeals, work and requests. I am not involved with any other group in Brampton, that’s why others have no right to my work and my money or any other activity.

Treat this urgent .
Requested by
{Khalid Mahmood}
Situated in Region of Peel of Ontario Canada

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