Position of powers and authorities have no legal authority on common peoples assets, when such positions and authorities need something are required to buy from common people. In real world common people and dignitaries are not exchanging favours from one another, they have duties and responsibilities towards each other. So saying that you should believe us, makes no sense in common matters, it may make sense in political matters. Using somes name because of the reputation and goodwill (like a permit) with out permission is a serious crime and must not be allowed. It is like stealing someone’s franchise business. Positions of power and authorities should show higher level of moral grounds to the low level follower instead of becoming part of the problem. In simple words no one has the right or authority to use someone else’s name to operate their business without paying and without legal arrangements. A serious matter. I see no reason why gives. would steal from underprivileged. Business matters are protected by corporate laws.


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{Khalid Mahmood}


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