Important information for those who have a assignment/agenda to find (or spot or locate) me after my housing was made unknown by sudden closure. Please follow the following steps to know my where about. But I am was not lost, I was not Missing. Posted March 02 of 2023


1. I am still in the Region of Peel of Ontario Canada.

2. Since I am on OW social assistance, I have a case worker who knows my whereabouts regardless of the ID address etc.

3. I can be reached electronically by email, phone, website etc. but messages and calls should be transparent and known. Please don’t be secretive by hiding number or writing cryptic email long messages. Be to the point and honest and objective. In person meeting can be arranged as well but not at 10 Conover CRT, because that house was locked on Feb 17. I have not been there since Family Day 2023, but not after that. I need a emergency flight to go back home to previous residence in Dammam/Jubail Saudi Arabia.

4. My profiles, accounts, IDs documents have that address because I lived there at the address as a tenant. It does not mean that address gave me those things. Addresses are lifeless objects, people who live at the address make the addresses liveable and move their assets to address. Not vice versa. Don’t be misguided by lies and deception. Defeat the movie like deception and lies of large number of people. These are legal matters and must be handled professionally and honestly not in childish style, not like a mono poly game.

5. Lawyers at Community Legal Clinic located in Brampton also has my contact and where abouts.

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{Khalid Mahmood}


Situated in Region of Peel of Ontario Canada.

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