I visited two community Centres, visited Malton Community Centre on March 02 of 2023 around 11h00 where people help people. I spoke to the staff about my two situations a place to sleep and a ticket to go back home (repatriation to conutry of my previous residence) to the country before immigration in 1993. They did not provide any solution and they could not connect me with any resources to deal with this situation. Communities should consider to do some fund raising to help me buy a plane ticket to go back home. I will promise to refund the cost of the travel after I get paid from my work in Saudi Arabia. Posted March 02 of 2023. Later on visited Peel region building and the Brampton multicultural community centre in the civic centre library building around 15h00 on the same day.


It is very strange that they can not provide a community contact to sleep. They all just try to promote shelters. It was not part of my immigration application, requirement to live in shelters. Since 2005 I have been housed in shelters. I came to Canada to live in hoses not in public shelters. I was the owner of my own house in karachi in 80s, where my siblings and mither lived, but don’t call our houses shelters.

Every time they close my housing how much difficulty it causes in cold weather. It becomes difficult to keep the clothes clean, becomes difficult to take showers. For what reason. I wish everybody is subjected to this kind of treatment for learning purpose. They all should learn how to live like this. How many times this has been during the past six months. This was all pre-planned with malicious intents. A rocket scientist is not required to figure out this. I am human and have same right to live like other not less. I want to go back to where I was before coming to Canada. My mother did not ask me what will I do there. She approved it, I started my married life in Saudi Arabia, my first son was born there and we became from one (which was myself) to three. Later on in Canada we became five. No one in Pakistan asked me what will I do in Saudi Arabia or what will I do in Canada. I admit I made a mistake l, I want to rectify my mistake by going back to Canada.

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{Khalid Mahmood}


Situated in Region of Peel of Ontario Canada.

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