It just came to my mind that I have never been a missing person my entire life since birth. Several times I came across people who said they were trying to find or looking for me, I try to get to the bottom of it that why ? always it was just curiosity without any legal need for it. Posted February 28 of 2023


My parents used to worry about me a lot and always tried to know my whereabouts and well-being, but for a different reason than the irrelevant people try to do. Many times search on me started and ended but for what reason started, remains a question unanswered.

In my opinion all these searches were for the impostors who were using my name or phonetically same sounding names just to build up negative momentum around the name while I was elsewhere. I was always where my family was before and after marriage as well. People live by themselves while living among their family and have their own separate rooms, that is living with the family and living alone as well depends on how one looks at it. But living alone does not mean living in a far flung isolated unknown wooded area far from the living beings, absolutely NO. Negatively motivated rumour mongers or chaos creators try to present that wrongfully to build a negative momentum around the person.

In Asian joint family system of living, when newly wedded couples live on their own away from the other relatives in a separate home or in a separate country as expatriate, is called living alone. Although the spouses and the children live together but that life style is known as living alone referring to living away from in-laws. So one must know the context and the real reason behind it, and not just take robot like interpretation of the word “alone” which can be very misleading and scary for some people.

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{Khalid Mahmood}


Region of Peel Ontario Canada.

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