My recent Experience around Family Day 2023 (February 2023)


My recent experience is that some people in society here in Canada are putting others in public shelters for their own gain (which is not a desirable place to be), by intentions and planning as was done to to me around Family Day 2023. A handwritten note was used to stop me from entering my residential rented space on Feb 17, legal system and law enforcement is not quick enough and is not impartial, they look after certain people’s interest and ignore other people’s urgent situation. But this ruined Family Day 2023 for me. After that street level entrance door lock was changed to stop me from entering the house in cold weather without providing me an alternate accommodation. This provided people around me enough reason to send me public shelters. I spoke to seniors centre to find a solution, they involved a security guard who tried to made arrangements with a public shelter. Public shelters did not accept me and told me to go to a hotel. Because I already went through that shelter system from July 22 to December 01. So such people of social system are not sincere with the people in difficulty because they are creating situations to send people to shelter and eventually make them homeless. They could have chosen other dates for this chapter, to let me be at my rented place on Family Day 2023. What was the urgency to do it around the Family day weekend 2023.

Something to think about.

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