This morning on February 21 of 2023 I called OW case worker of my file around 11h30 after lawyers call as per lawyer’s instructions conveyed the message to OW case worker.

My request to OW case worker on my file to make arrangements with the hotel to let me stay here, or issue vouchers for the payment. Or provide me a flight out of Canada immediately

I called OW case worker twice on February 21 of 2023 at 13h00 PM and around 11h30 AM. But my call was not answered and both times calls went into the voice mail box.

People on Ontario works have the eligibility to keep a car, a house and ten thousands dollars during OW program. But I was not given any this since ever I arrived on Canada in 1993, during OW program or before.

OW is not a destitute making program, not to my knowledge.

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10 Conover CRT, Brampton Ontario L6Y3J5

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