This was all pre-planned and was with malicious intents (i.e. non-religious destitute maker’s agenda) to rent me at 10 Conover Court in Brampton ON L6Y3J5 on December 01 of 2022 and to tell me to find another place just after tenancy of one month . I was told by a lawyer of Community legal clinic that there was no legislation to protect me from it if the rent receiver was not accepting the rent for the month of January 2023 and applied the deposit rent. It is difficult to search for another place in cold weather just after one month of tenancy. Posted on Friday January 06 of 2023 around 10h45. I am appealing to legislation and law makers to look into this situation. And also appealing to the community legal clinic to review and reconsider what I was told verbally by the lawyer Mandi x245 (Mandeep Gill). If this was a limitation of Canadian system please issue me a emergency ticket immediately to leave from Canada to return to my previous country of residence. Updated January 11 of 2023


and To the attention of Peel Region Housing Stability Program.

I requested the lawyer Mandi x245(or Mandeep Gill) to give it to me in writing what she was telling me over the phone. Lawyer will submit it to me via an email not a pdf document. Is this normal.

I visited the community legal clinical right after end of the call to speak to Maria at the desk in person around 10h45.

First month rent and last month deposit does not necessarily mean two months tenancy. For two month’s tenancy agreement, it must be clearly stated in the begining that place was available only for two months (it was not stated, rather first and last was required) and first and last would be irrelevant in that situation. If the tenancy was only for two months than, from the begining tenant would pay two rents at the time of move in knowingly. Otherwise first and last means will be months of tenancy in between as well.

If the tenant does not pay current months rent than last months rent is applied and still tenant is given an opportunity to pay the rent owed. If not able to pay the rent than tenancy ends. Etc.

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10 Conover Court, Brampton ON L6Y 3J5.

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