misc thoughts on December 05 of 2022 (i.e. after starting my tenancy at 10 Con over Ct. (also written as Crt.) Brampton ON L6Y3J5)


Respect or No respect is nothing more than inferiority or superiority complex in some (depending on which way interpreted) peoples minds or just a dumb weapon for those who want to start a war of words and disputes. Some people will always say that you should respect without any reason. Because they consider themselves above (or superior than) others but when they can not maintain that false superiority or when lose an argument they will say you should respect for no reason. It is just in their minds that when they were respected and they when were not respected depending on when they loose or win a situation.

words like short, tall, dark, rich, poor, fat, thin, ruud/rood, manners, attitude, light, heavy, respect, disrespect, No respect etc. are all vague words perhaps useful to describe fuzzy logic in computer programming. when talking about sizes, weight, measurements other human attributes etc., educated people should talk with clarity with numbers and units to describe these sizes, weight and measurements instead of using fuzzy language. Listeners should also reject such crooks, swindlers people who use fuzzy language, fuzzy words to cause confusion to benefit from it or to cause a disadvantage for targeted individuals. Perhaps such fuzzy words may be acceptable in gossipy conversation sessions, but not in serious matters.

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{Khalid Mahmood}



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