Attention Canada Post and To Whom it May Concern/Interest – message for the months of November and December of 2022

Since the lease agreement for residential tenancy signed on November 06 (in the evening between 6 and 8 pm) at 95 Banting Crescent between Jaspal Singh and {Khalid Mahmood} with a move in date of Nov 07 was terminated prematurely on November 07 between 09 and 10 am and side door lock entry code was tempered with to block the entry, I have not been able to reenter the basement rented again after the morning of Nov. 07, Jaspal Singh took my belongings out while I was at the Peel region building to submit the lease agreement for My OW file records. A pdf file of the lease agreement was submitted by email night before on Nov 06 right after it was signed by Jaspal Singh. Reason given to me was that the guy came back that’s why he could not rent it to me, (he made this statement on Nov 07 on the phone between 9 am and 10 am while I was on Route #1 back to 95 Banting Crescent after visiting the Brampton OW office located inside Peel region building i.e. after signing the rental lease agreement). He asked for $50 deposit, I offered him $40 to start a business relationship with him. after this transaction I left from the property to get some dinner for myself, and returned to the property between 8 pm and 10 pm, a person by the name of Vinay allowed me to enter (also earlier I was entry code through the side door) the house and I slept over night, next day early morning on Nov 07, took a bus to Freshco to buy some groceries and returned to the property, after eating my breakfast around 08h30 am on Nov 07 I decide to go to the OW office to submit the lease, and than this happened).

Any letters sent to the 95 Banting Crescent in n Brampton should be sent back to the senders, because I have no access to letter boxes at that address. Alternatively, depending on the honesty of the people I can pickup my letters from my previously known address of record in Brampton Ontario or from the Brampton BEC co-working space located at 41 George St S in Brampton near City Hall.

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{Khalid Mahmood}

OW file #:207 241 704



Brampton Ontario Canada.

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