TO THE ATTENTION OF THOSE WHO ARE UNDER THE IMPRESSION THAT {Khalid Mahmood} lives in USA or has an address in USA is wrong (may be due to illusion, deception, hallucination, disinformation etc.), Please do not believe addicted liar’s lies. {Khalid Mahmood} is not a Citizen of USA, no address in USA, does not live in USA. details are as follows: Posted 10/31/2022


I was removed by the US authorities (i.e. departed) from the following two addresses in USA after arrest and imprisonment of roughly about six months each time (total of 400 days and nights non-criminal).

1) 380 Lincoln Hwy Apt. C-2 Fairless Hills PA. in July 2005

2) 379 Stoneybrook in Levittown PA. in June 2012

I did not live in USA since July 2005. I lived in Canada. Anyone under different information should correct the records that I am a Canadian Citizen and Lived in Canada, I have no association with USA. Above two addresses might show up in the previous records (or internet based profiles or on line shopping sites such as microsoft etc. which can not be updated) but are not my current addresses. I have no active current IDs in USA. For legal purposes such internet based profile information is not useable, for legal reasons address information is taken from ministry issued IDs.

I live in Brampton Ontario Canada, temporarily using shelter as a housing since July 22 of 2022, after the June 19 incident in Hamilton. Untill I find a rental unit or I get my flight out of Canada to go back to my previous residency and contract in Saudi Arabia.

Please be reminded that Cots and beds are not the same thing at the Wilkinson shelter. Cots are folding temporary cots, which are setup around 22h00 at night in the common area of the shelter (1 to 15, three rows of five cots ) and stored away next morning by 7h00 in the storage room, where as beds are bunk beds in the dorms room. Numbers 1 to 15 are overlapping/common to cots and beds, perhaps to confuse people. Since bunk beds are most likely in a sequence 1 to last bunk bed, shelter management should consider to re-number the over flow cots starting from 101 to 115 to avoid overlapping numbers with the bunk beds. This will add clarity to the system (verbal and written communication) and also letters they issue for discharge will be based on specific number without overlapping confusion.

Office staff of the shelter prints discharge letters to bed numbers but they are given to people sleeping in cots at night when they are in cot. Highly questionable practice. For legality, transparency and honest they should clearly print discharge letters with cot numbers, instead of bed numbers.

Something to think about.

Published by

Khalid Mahmood


15 Wilkinson Rd, Brampton ON L6T4X1 Canada.


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