{Khalid Mahmood} has been out of the wilkinson shelter since dinner time 10/31/2022 any other information is false and a white lie, don’t believe it. I did not use cot #8 on the night of Oct 31. I was in Toronto to attend the iTech technical conference on November 01 all day. posted 11/01/2022 after calling the central intake line of the peel region shelter (between 20h30 and 21h00) and in person went to the wilkinson shelter to ask for a place for the night but response was negative. Not sure why. Peel region Govt. should tell me why I was denied shelter space in cold weather at night on November 01 of 2022 around 21h00. Cawthra shelter denied and Family shelter near Williams St. also denied. Why ?? My residence of over 5 years was taken over illegally in Hamilton (loss of property, stress, hardship, without compensation) and no shelter and no rental place in Brampton. why ??. This is human rights issue. At least give me a plane ticket so I go back to where I came from Saudi Arabia in 1993. I was a resident of Saudi Arabia before immigration to Canada in 1993. This is my appeal to Human rights lawyers and age senior organizations. Please help me urgently and save me from this abuse. This is abuse against a age senior. http://m0168.blogspot.com/2022/10/my-recent-pictures.html Although I am absent from the shelter but I am still present in Brampton/Peel region, have not gone anywhere. Please do not be misguided or fooled by any other deception about my presence. I am in contact with lawyers, seniors council and other agencies as well regarding this matter. I am suffering from sleep deprivation for the past two nights. I need a warm place at night. They should house me in Sheraton or Hilton urgently. Updated 11/04/2022

This morning visited YMCA and NPDLC to ask for help with shelter and rental. I called the central intake number from the legal clinic and git connected to Wilkinson, intake worker heard my reason for why I went to Toronto and allowed me to return to the shelter. Upon arrival she let me in, but after that asked me to go the intake window for some paper work. during this tine Kemi and another tall man came and spoke to me for rental etc. I was told I was not from the region should go back to. Hamilton or Toronto. I asked them to reconsider. I was given monday to leave from the Shelter, Kemi said she will give me a discharge letter and no more discussion. Tall man checked my ID and said shelter address can not be used on ID, I said I will change the address on ID after I find a rental place. I asked them what was the legal reason why I could not stay at the shelter untill I find a rental unit. I was told because I have been in this shelter too long. After this conversation intake paper work was completed. I also asked them if it was OK to get my meals from food bank because my name was not on the meals list. etc. waiting for 10 minutes, they were in a meeting.

As result of this re intake on November 02 of 2022 I have been assigned a bunk bed #10, no O/F cot #8 any more which was in the open space common area. My name on the meals list of wilkinson shelter is still wrong again, so I continue to get dinner from knights table food bank (meals program not the grocery program because I have no house, I am in shelter).

Someone should watch who was using my bunk bed #10 in my absence during day time.

Thanks to Peel Region Govt. for housing me back in the same area in Brampton for few more days,


Selfie images of the person responsible for documenting on this website.

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Khalid Mahmood



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