THIS MESSAGE APPLIES GLOBALLY (including my siblings, offsprings and offspring’s mothers) : Please stop using my IDs, anyone using my IDs will be committing a crime, I am not the issuing authority and I do not give, do not sell, do not trade IDs. It is illegal. People should be patient and wait to develope their own ID over a long period of time and must go through the process. Using my IDs as permit or for any other use, will be a costly franchise which can not be done without my permission. It is a legal matter, a universal truth. Swindling people of their work or money is a serious crime. Since I was imprisoned non-criminal 401 days and nights, any one who used my property, IDs, documents, family or any thing else should also be imprisoned for at least same amount of time. And after release from Prison should go through shelters without any money, without any family help, as I did. Published 09/22/2022 by {Khalid Mahmood} – M01684340561220 in Brampton Ontario L6T4X1: Ph:(289)990-6590


my IDs, Please do not use my IDs it will be illegal. These IDs belong to a living person, using these IDs without original owners knowledge and permission is a human rights issue because it negatively impact the life of the living person posted 09/22/2022

Such people who used my ID in the past without my consent should read my website and go through the same process. Because of illegal/unauthorized use of my IDs, documents etc. by unauthorized people causes problems for me and forced me to use shelters, even I was imprisoned (401 days and nights). They all must be imprisoned and must be put through the same process. Any one who allowed them to use my lDs was a hoax and must be punished. Govts. issue IDs to a specific person only, and do not allow multiple people to use original persons IDs.It would be a human rights issue if they did allow others to use original persons IDs . People work hard to establish their identity, others can not, should not and will not be allowed steal benefits of it (electronically or old style). Relevant authorities should look into such practices and make preventive laws to protect the rightful owners of properties and IDs.

This is not Robin Hood’s time.

Published by

Khalid Mahmood



15 Wilkinson Rd, Brampton Ontario L6T4X1

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