A common sense reminder and precaution to everyone. Posted on September 19 of 2022 by {Khalid Mahmood} in Brampton Ontario. Updated September 23 of 2022.


It is illegal to submit IDs by email for official/personal work. Any agency that needs to check some ones ID should do it visually in person instead of asking for copies by email or alternatively they can obtain the necessary information to validate someone’s information in their system from the issuing authority electronically. Submitting IDs by email can be stolen over unsafe internet or some unauthorized person at the receivers place might make a false claim to say that the owner gave it to them and misuse it. I am not the issuing authority and I do not give my IDs to any one.

Recently, Peel region Social Services (Ontario Works) case worker repeatedly asked me to submit my IDs by email. I politely declined. I will be happy to show my IDs in person to update my file, but not by Email. My ID numbers have not changed since originally issued in 1993. All the case workers of OW in the past just looked at my IDs visually to update the file record but never asked, neither ever kept a copy of the IDs. Important thing on IDs is the numbers. I have submitted the numbers on my IDs. But submitting copy of IDs would be very foolish for me.

Alternatively such habitual people should use their leaders IDs, who they vote for and/or who they place/position them in high places etc., but not of ordinary technical people like myself.

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