REMINDER:AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO ALL. dated July 05 of 2022 – This is my personal opinion and views on certain important matters, people might have different views and disagree. Update September 16 of 2022.


IF ANY ONE SAY THEY SAW “MAHMOOD” ask the full name of “MAHMOOD” and gender. Similarly if some one says they saw “KHALID” ask the full name of “KHALID”and gender of “KHALID”, Please do not be fooled by illusionists, rumour mongers. fear mongers. It is every ones responsibility to keep the information correct and work with correct information. Incomplete and wrong information leads to a chaos in the society. Do not be victim of such frauds. It is not a matter of privacy to talk with incomplete names and with unreliable information, this can create lot of problems. Also do not victimize the victims rather help victims. Be socially responsible. Live and let others live. Follow this golden rule of mutual survival. Accuracy and clarity is more important than privacy, ambiguity or anything else. Those who commit crimes and law breakers wil always talk about privacy as an issue. In my opinion, for non-criminal minds privacy is not an issue.

My Precautionary notes have more information about this matter about what {Khalid Mahmood} means, what {Khalid Mahmood} is and how to become {Khalid Mahmood}. Don’t believe liar’s lies and rumours. Always use my complete name, never use my incomplete name for anything absolutely not.

Those who use privacy as a reason for not telling or not using full names are not sincere to any one, they are just actors who pretend to be very loyalist and sincere on the surface to the authorities and make a fool of the system and misuse the trust of locals/authorities. Biometrics should be (must be) used for clarity alongside other advanced methods to get rid of dishonest reporters of the information. Even in movies which lasts couple of hours only, at the end of the film a list is displayed of the actual real legal names of the actors who were operating under temporary or work names in the movie.

Since after modernization govt. of advanced countries started using and issuing IDs long time ago. Clearly IDs have a unique number. To locate people positively in the computer records, ID numbers are used and regardless of name there will always be only one person with a unique ID number without ambiguity and without confusion. So all that fuss about names is of no use. It is the IDs and numbers, we should talk about.

Same applies to the bank and financial records. Financial records are searched and located in computer records by numbers not by names to avoid confusion and ambiguity. Similarly money is deposited in bank accounts by the account numbers for accuracy and not by the names, because unique numbers are assigned to each person. Where as there may be several people by the same name. It would be less reliable and uncertain to deposit money in a account by name only, account numbers must be checked as well.

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