Just another reminder to whom it may concern/interest that I am using my own phone and the phone number (289)990-6590 which is in my owner ship and possession since Feb 2013. My phone or the phone (289)990-6590 number does not belong to anyone else. Please do not believe liars lies and rumours. Similarly any thing and every thing else that I use, belongs to me personally, does not belong to anyone else, perhaps people have been misusing their position of power or position of authority or position of trust to make a fool of common people by lies with sugar coated fancy words and sugar coated fancy reasoning. Beware of this kind of people and frauds. Posted on September 15 of 2022 by {KHALID MAHMOOD} in Brampton Ontario of Peel region Canada.

Moreover I am (i.e. Khalid Mahmood) not a wife. I am (i.e. Khalid Mahmood) a divorced man since 2005. Feel free to contact me (i.e. male Khalid Mahmood) for more details if any doubts. Further Details on my website http://www.m0168.org

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