My usual annual Reminder to all those who like to read my website – September 2022 – A message from ******* {KHALID MAHMOOD} in Brampton Ontario L6T4X1 Canada


Material/information documented here on this website is for information only available openly to all those who find it useful/of interest. This is not to be used for any other purpose absolutely not. If anyone finds anything objectionable and wants changed etc. should write it in as a comment or contact me by writing an email informing me of their objection and I will try to accommodate their recommendations as best as possible. This website is NOT meant to distribute any material/documents for others use, that will be illegal. Those who ignore the importance of legality must be prepared to face the consequences of it. This reminder is applicable in all situations , all my postings on, Facebook, twitter, Google blog etc. and all places on planet earth.

Feel free to contact me for any further clarification.

This reminder applies to all of my other open media/social media postings as well such as facebook, twitter, linkedIn etc.

Published by the undersigned,

KHALID MAHMOOD. خالدمحمود M01684340561220 Ph:(289)990-6590 web –

Re-sheltered at 15 Wilkinson Rd, Brampton, Ontario L6T4X1 Canada effective July 22 of 2022 referred by 211 service to this shelter (which happens to be a medical shelter, I did not ask for a medical shelter, I was just looking for emergency shelter due to a housing emergency in Hamilton. I have no health issues. I have my own health card to deal with medical emergencies. All three children also have their own health cards.)

Purpose of medical shelters as I understand would be to provide medical coverage to those who are not eligible or who do not have a medical card. Such people might have houses and may not qualify for regular shelter so they go to medical shelter. Normally people would be accepted at a shelter due to housing emergency not because of medical emergency. When such people are discharged from medical shelter they go back home immediately without going through a lease and rental application process. Perhaps such shelters would be using same health card (stolen from a citizen) for everybody at the shelter. Wonderful idea of medical shelters to provide medical coverage.

Hospitals are medical shelters but require proper medical eligibility from patients, or else they are required to pay out of pocket. Even foreigners can get in these medical shelters to get medical coverage and not pay anything. When they are discharged after recovery from the illness they can quickly go home but people who use shelters due to housing emergency can not go back home quickly when told to discharge without giving them a house. Something to think about.

If the Wilkinson shelter discharges me they should provide me a flight ticket and money so that I go back home because my home is far away. I am using the shelter due to housing emergency, not because of medical emergency.

For me this (Hamilton incident of June 19) was a situation worse than a natural disaster. Governments have a warning system for natural disaster to alert their citizens to go to a safer place and protect their properties from devastation and take precautionary steps . This illegal break in at my residence of over five years in Hamilton (2-671 Fennell Ave East L8V1V3) descended upon me without any prior warning or alert. So this was worse than a natural disaster for me, without any compensation for me in which my place was taken over by illegal occupants, my property and possessions were lost due to this illegal act of hooligans and I was referred to a medical shelter. Medical shelter (15 Wilkinson Rd Brampton) case worker gave me a verbal notice to discharged me on September 15.

Something to think about. What is the purpose of this behaviour towards me at the age of 66. This is the agenda of non-religious destitute makers.

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