TO WHOM IT MAY Concern/INTEREST. I am maintaining this website and publishing these posts for {Khalid Mahmood}, he can be contacted at (289)990-6590 in Brampton Ontario L6T4X1. This is all real, not fake, not lies, not fiction, all true and accurate. This is for a good (in positive sense) cause to help.

I just came out (i e. around 10h00) of 1767 Dundas St. Shelter, went there to talk about rental lease. They refer me back to same Wilkinson location to talk to case worker (I already met with on September 08).
I have no medical condition. Staff at the Dundas location asked me if I have any medical condition. No, none what so ever. She also said they would send somebody from Dundas location to Wilkinson location due to medical condition. I have none, Nada, zilch. Zero. This conversation was about July 22 referral by the 211 staff due to emergency in Hamilton.

It was revealed to me on September 12 of 2022 that Wilkinson shelter is a medical shelter. I wonder why I was housed in a medical shelter, I did not ask for a medical shelter. Perhaps that’s why they use the term discharge because hospitals discharge patients. Shelters book in / it book out. I did not ask for a medical shelter. This is very disturbing and questionable, I was looking for a shelter due to emergency in Hamilton on July 22. Now I am looking for a rental place (untill I get to my emergency evacuation flight or a emergency travel ticket), based on rent amount from OW social assistance.

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