A reminder to all. Sometimes I leave the receipts of small insignificant amount transactions with the cashiers to discard. Please do not buy and sell such receipts. Such receipts should not be taken as a evidence or “in lieu of” or as given to them for false association etc., absolutely not, for anything. Do not be fooled by such tactics and swindlers tricks, confirm with me directly. Posted September 08 of 2022 in Brampton Canada. Day #251


Another matter, Freedom mobile billing systems do not update all the occurrences of address after updating the main profile address. Such as payment profile address. Some people use this deficiency of the system to create a problem for others by saying address was not updated etc. or show the person some where else or say the person was hiding etc . Be careful. It came to my attention on September 08 of 2022 when I loaded some money for pay before setup/account at a freedomobile store in Brampton. Only main profile update should apply to all the hidden profiles, like payment profile was not accessible to me, it was hidden from me, I just heard about it. Store computer was showing old address and staff could not update it to my current address even with my ID shown on the spot. So immediately I called the freedomobile billing Dept to fix this issue right away. Perhaps store was not a corporate store.

I discovered same issue in 2017 as well when I moved from Niagara Region to Hamilton. It was documented as well on my website in 2017 http://www.m0168.org

I wonder if such issues were embedded in the system by design to make a fool of people and authorities and to create a deception for less knowledgeable people. If such issues were in the system as oversight, negligence or design flaw than must have been fixed by now.

Something to think about.

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