Attention Mississauga transit, fare box on MiWay buses is deducting wrong fare of $3.10 from my presto card (i.e. more than one dollar) from Brampton Seniors on Seniors Transit Pass. I have seen this happen three times recently on my Senior Transit pass issued to me by Brampton Transit because I am a legal resident of Brampton. This is For Your information. Posted on August 24 of 2022 Updated August 29 of 2022


Happened Again on August 24 of 2022 at 09h25 by Bus number 1772 route number 5N boarded the bus north of Eglinton at Dixie Rd. $3.10 was deducted from my presto card instead of $1.00 fare for seniors over the age of 65. $3.10 is fare after applying presto discount. Bus 1302 route 11N around 13h10 on August 29 of 2022.

Published by

Khalid Mahmood



15 Wilkinson Rd, Brampton Ontario L6T4X1 Canada.

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