Useful information for those who are confused about changing/reversing the name. Posted on August 19 of 2022 Day #231


A technician at optometrist called me Mr. Khalid, I explained to her that Khalid was my first name and still is, has not changed. My first name and last name are same as were given by my parents and as were written by the Canadian embassy on my landing/immigration papers, there has not been any change in my name since birth and/or since immigration. That person said she was born in Canada, she saw my name on my IDs (which is according to the name printed on the immigration documents and landing papers). Two out of my three children were born in Canada and their names are same as on their birth certificates, no change. For immigrants and who arrived and entered legally in Canada name should always be same as it was on their immigration/landing papers. There may exceptions where they are required to change it live under different name. In my opinion under normal circumstances it should be birth certificate or landing paper that should be used as a base line to determine some ones original name.

I wonder why these people keep on trying to switch Mr. while in Canada. Every child knows that Mr. in Canada is written with Last name and/or Full name, but not with first name.

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Khalid Mahmood

Ontario DL#: M01684340561220


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