EMERGENCY MESSAGE: TO THE ATTENTION OF SAUDI AIRLINES, Emirates, Air Canada, ANA, Air Transat and other air lines, please help me with a boarding pass electronically send to me by email or Whatsapp. For next EK 242 or any other flight to Dammam (DMM). Previously I LIVED IN HAMILTON ONTARIO, EFFECTIVE JULY 22 I HAVE SHELTERED MY SELF IN BRAMPTON, HAVE NO VEHICLE, I USE PUBLIC TRANSIT. PLEASE TELL ME AHEAD OF TIME TO GET TO THE FLIGHT. IF I WAS NOT SEEN AT THE YYZ AIRPORT PLEASE TAKE ME FROM BRAMPTON. I AM STANDBY/READY TO LEAVE ANY TIME, I CAN BE CONTACTED ON MY MOBILE PHONE 289-990-6590. Posted July 22 of 2022 DAY #203 REPEATED AUGUST 21 of 2022 DAY #232 and Day #233


Please follow the links below for more relavant information and details.




Published by

Khalid Mahmood (Chief of Technical Army)

Ontario DL#: M01684340561220


Resheltered my self at 15 Wilkinson Rd. Brampton ON L6T4X1

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