My experiences about acquiring prescription eye wear in Brampton Ontario on August 15 of 2022 updated September 10 of 2022 Day# 253


I spent about half a day to purchase my prescription eye wear in Brampton after I got approval on the phone from Peel Region OW office on August 15 of 2022 around 10h30 in the morning.

It turned out that it is nearly impossible to get prescription eye wear on OW budget. I spoke to about 4 vendors. They take very long time to complete, about 2 to 3 weeks. One vendor asked for additional money to fulfill my prescription because it requires some coatings. I used my 2017 prescription to get the eye wear because same day or walk-in eye exams to get a fresh prescription was not available in Brampton, only next day or several days. I decided not to pursue this any further and I will wait to get back to my contract in Saudi Arabia and pay out of my pocket. It is just a matter of a flight. I tried to convince the vendor that I did not get my eye wear since after 2017 and OW might be flexible on the published budget because of my situation. But the vendor’s sales person was not flexible to talk to OW to obtain different budget because of my prescription requirement and my unique situation. She even tried to change the prescription by denying some of the recommendations made by the doctor on the prescription to keep the cost down. I am not sure if this was the policy of Peel Region OW.

As a second option I asked her to change the frame with the same lenses and polish the lenses but she did not have the necessary equipment to accomplish that.

I lived in Hamilton Ontario for over five years but got only one prescription filled in Hamilton for my eye wear in 2017. Not because of any restriction but just by my own choice, i.e. not to waste the govt. money.

This behaviour is in consistant with my previous postings on similar matters which confirms that they do not respect customers on social assistance i.e. that woman of Laurier Optical (Penn Centre) who damaged my frame instead of fixing it in 2013 in St. Catharines. These businesses expect flexibility from customers but do not show flexibility in their own behaviour towards customers needs and requirements.

Finally I got my prescription glasses done at a Walmart within about one week time on September 09 of 2022

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