An important clarification to whom it may concern or interest, that I was sheltered at 94 York Street which has become my ID address as well since June 20 of 2022. I have no second place (absolutely NOT) of residence. I live by myself (Among others) in the building but I have NO family around to ask for help (but can not be compared with students life who also live without family, student life without family is acceptable but after student life it is unusual). Do not believe any other information regarding my where abouts and support from family, I document on this website when I am waiting/standby at the Toronto Pearson Intl., airport for the emergency flight. Don’t let the wrong information interfere (or distract) with my emergency Evacuation flight. Destitute makers are using such techniques to isolate and induce desperation in people and to divert the help away from the intended person i.e. indirect stealing like stealing money electronically. (some of it was also documented in my precautionary notes). Posted by the undersigned on July 21 of 2022 Day #202 Updated July 29 of 2022

Published by

Khalid Mahmood

Chief of Technical Army,


Brampton Ontario L6T4X1

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