(Now I am out of the Terminal 1) . I was Waiting for another carrier who can provide me a emergency Evacuation Flight on their scheduled commercial flight. Please contact me on Level 3 of Terminal 1. Posted July 20 of 2022 around 20h00 and violation of PFA by a unknown officer who intercepted me third time in about a week on the same topic of my reservation.

I was harassed by the same person again. This was the third time to question me regarding my presence at the airport. I explained to him that I was waiting for my Emergency Evacuation flight. I told him I will return to Hamilton tomorrow morning he did not listen and showed his phone with some COVID information. I told him I am not COVID worker. He saw a woman nearby, he started talking to her. I left from there to find my own way out of the Terminal 1.

There were so many other people around, why pick on me. This is targeted harassment.

If there is another airline who can take me to another place, please contact me at (289)990-6590.

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